News for Fall 2013

September 7, 2013

Welcome friends, family, students, and colleagues. I am happy your surfed to my website! If you are a first time visitor please have a look at the Bio and Listen pages to find out more about me and to listen to some audio. I’ve added a new Photos page for your enjoyment as well. Also if you are in Vancouver or know you will be visiting soon visit my Calendar page for a list of performances.

Here are a few suggestions to make sure we can stay connected.

  1. Follow me on Twitter @TAVanCleave
  2. Like my Facebook Page
  3. Check out my profile on Patron 21
  4. Come see a concert or other performance

Recently I have added a Lessons page so that people interested in percussion lessons can easily get in touch with me to ask questions or set up a lesson. I enjoy teaching percussion to people of all ages and abilities. If you are a band or orchestra teacher I am also available to teach clinics for percussion students in beginning, intermediate, and senior concert bands and orchestras. I also have a strong desire to put together a high school percussion ensemble or a drum-corps style drumline.

Some highlights for the Fall of 2013:

Recording Project with The Sidewalk Cellist

Anita Eccelston’s Like Smoke Series at the Kozmik Zoo

Vancouver New Music Festival Chamber Opera

Music on Main Presents Steve Reich’s Drumming

The Ethos Collective at Chamber Con by VNM/Redshift

Keep an eye out for new events! Hope to see you soon.


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