Every Monday evening there is a jam session at The Cottage Bistro. I’ve decided to check it out this evening in order to help water the seeds of my growing network of contacts in Vancouver.

The Cottage Bistro is a smaller venue that hosts jazz combos. Its a small intimate space well suited for jazz. You will no doubt hear standard jazz tunes being played. First impressions remind me of the many gigs at Motini’s with Live Jazz Tonight, Nathan Bogart, Cassius Goens, Matt Coral, Freddie Bledsoe, and Ben Morrissey.

This is a tune called You and I


Check out the link below. It is a short video clip from our gig at the Vancouver Rowing Club. The song is called Bluesers by Rebel Bran.



Tonight I’ll be performing with Rebel Bran and the Funky Orkestar at the Vancouver Rowing Club located at 450 Stanley Park Drive in Vancouver, British Columbia. The show begins at 8pm and features two other local music groups.

This is the link: http://www.vancouvercitylimits.com


Rehearsal Video

March 1, 2011


This is a link to a video of a rehearsal with Rebel Bran and the Funky Orkestar. The song, composed by Bran, is entitled You and I.