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Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child is a spiritual that has anonymous origins. This particular arrangement was inspired by Milt Jackson and Ray Brown’s arrangement.

Generally Spoken its Nothing But Rhythm is a very unique piece that incorporates a variety of percussion instruments to be played by one person. In the moments after the recital I heard someone remark that this piece was like listening to a new instrument. I had felt like I did, in fact, learn to play a new instrument.

The Thorn Trees is the third movement of Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra by Marta Ptaszynska. It makes interesting and unique use of the theme and variation form.

Illijas is a piece for solo marimba that expresses a range of emotions, interesting rhythms, and one handed roll technique.

Lucky’s Finger is an original work composed in the Fall of 2008. This recording makes use of the vibraphone trio format. The Timothy Van Cleave Project as it was called held a gig for nine months at a swanky little bar called Motini’s in Muncie, Indiana.

Araneae Envemomation by Ed Mellen was recorded live at a Student Composers Forum held in Sursa Hall at Ball State University.

Footprints by Miles Davis was recorded by the group The Third Greatest on May 22, 2010 at Doc’s Music Hall in Muncie, IN. It is an example of my abilities as performer on drum set in the jazz idiom. In this recording I tried to create a different texture for each soloist.

I once had a professor during my many years at university say, ” I wish when I got together with friends we could get our instruments out and jam.” This track entitled Sea Fever features some of my friends in Vancouver, BC. While they may not know it, the recordings of these hangs are a priceless treasure of mine.

Frame drum is perhaps one of the most beautiful percussion instruments and it is almost always overlooked. This instrument can be used in a folk setting or any other casual music making experience. I was invited to record with Nathan Fox, an incredible multi-instrumental talent. This composition was included on his album entitled The Ornithopter.

If you’ve made it this far down the page you are a trooper, a music lover, and have still yet to eclipse my dad’s support of my musical goals, but you are getting closer. Suite for Orchestra Movement I is one of my first attempts at orchestrating one of my ideas for a full size orchestra.

Finally. I spent a little bit of time one summer learning about musique concrete techniques using digital audio. If you like what you’ve heard so far Final Project will give you a taste of my sequencing abilities.

Audio and Video Links:

New Music:

Ethos Collective Improvisation 2014:

Ethos Collective Shattered Mirrors Jordan Nobles:

Ethos Collective Canon for Three Anthony Genge:

Ethos Collective Mandala Ava Grayson:

Ethos Collective Chronostasis Jordan Nobels:

Ethos Collective Improvisation:

Ethos Collective Irrealis I John Burke:

Ethos Collective Ethos Studies Francois Houle:

Ethos Collective On a Mote of Dust Suspended in a Sunbeam Jordan Nobles:

Ethos Collective Trance Barbara Pentland:

Fringe Percussion More than Four Arne Eigenfeldt:

Fringe Percussion this printer’s good enough for equivocal generation Kai Duncan David:

Fringe + Glynn Percussion EPK:

Fringe + Glynn Public Salon 22:

Fringe + Glynn + Epperson:

Fringe + Glynn The Failure Adrian Glynn arr. Brian Nesselroad:

Erato Ensemble Calling Home Coyote Janice Giteck:

Erato Ensemble Orpheus Unplugged Adam Hill:

Erato Ensemble The Wonderful Widow of 18 Springs John Cage:

Improvisation with George Wolfe and Eric Edberg:

Improvisation with George Wolfe and Eric Edberg:

Redshift Music Society Deep Time Project Jordan Nobles:

Redshift Music Society The Duke of Green Graham Flett:

Redshift Music Society Lagrange Point Jordan Nobles:

Redshift Music Society ame potsu potsu (falling rain) Rita Ueda:

Wonder Pond 2.0 Shine 1:

Wonder Pond 2.0 Shine 2:

Vancouver New Music Panorama Giorgio Magnanensi:

Vancouver New Music Deux Nouveux Jeux Hugh Fraser and John Korsrud:

Dance Project at Simon Fraser University Lophiiformes:

Jazz, Experimental Pop, Indie, and World

Anita Eccleston Just an Hour Anita Eccleston:

Anita Eccleston Love Sick Anita Eccleston:

Anita Eccleston Flicker of My Eye Anita Eccleston:

JPJQ All About that Bass:

JPJQ Angel’s Wings:

Rebel Bran Djelem Djelem:

Rebel Bran Ederlezi:

Rebel Bran Bolero Negotino Vlada Maricic:

Rebel Bran Samo Volis:

Rebel Bran Zapevala Sojka Ptica:

Rebel Bran Sano Duso:

Rebel Bran Stronger Than Anything:

Rebel Bran You and I:

Rugby Clam Chowder:

The Sidewalk Cellist “Sidewalk Cellist on bandcamp:

The Sidewalk Cellist “Freedom from Want” on bandcamp:

The Sidewalk Cellist Lights in the Dark:

The Sidewalk Cellist Pacific Rain:

The Sidewalk Cellist The Wall and Cavern:

The Sidewalk Cellist Playlist:

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