Fall 2020

August 24, 2020


Hey Everyone,

Spring and Summer of 2020 have been an opportunity to learn more about this thing called life…it’s power, magic, flow, cycles, pandemics, recessions…

Through it all music continues to be shared, created, played, loved, and enjoyed!

Teaching online has been an amazing experience. It’s been a positive experience seeing students learn on this platform and how inspired they can become. Connection can come in many forms and this moment has given me valuable experience in video communications, videos & music that students enjoy, and being a better human.

If you are interested in working with me online please reach out in your preferred method if you have my contact information or if we have yet to be acquainted visit the Lessons page to send me a message.

After having a creative and experimental moment with a midi-controller and an old version of Reason, I released “the meaning of vingette” a short collection of music created during the early days of the COVID – 19 pandemic. Picking up a digital album is one of the best ways to support musicians!

It’s available at: https://drtimothyvancleave.bandcamp.com/releases

Looking forward to more life,



Today’s blog post and picture was inspired by an old Facebook post! This picture is of a robot that plays music. Since I’ve been reading “Alone Together” by Sherry Turkle, the way we interact with robots and technology has been on my mind. I greatly enjoyed participating in the Meta Creation Project with Fringe percussion, but I can’t stop thinking about how anxious and sad kids get when their parent take away the screen.

Here’s a link to an article about the project: Check it out


Teaching Philosophy

March 24, 2017

I’ve been working on my statement of teaching philosophy. You can read it here or as a PDF: Teaching Philosophy

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Being a music teacher is humbling and transformational work and has helped me to understand the importance of addressing a student’s social and emotional needs.  It further solidified my belief that music has a special role in society and that music education changes lives.

I am passionate about sharing music with students and helping to contribute to the newest generation of musicians. My variety of teaching experiences have led me to be a teacher that values balancing high standards with empathy and recognition of every student’s unique needs.

It is essential to first build a lasting trust with the student so that they will be willing to take risks, ask questions, and feel comfortable in the learning environment. Once trust is established, it is essential that the student take responsibility for their own learning. Students should arrive to class or lessons prepared to the best of their ability, be punctual, and arrive with the necessary instruments and equipment.

I believe in working with each student to find the best path for them and acknowledge that different students will require different educational approaches. I pride myself in holding my students to high standards while still being an empathic and informational teacher. I think it is important to know what a student’s goals and motivations are so that I can tailor my teaching to their needs.

While the act of performing is an eventual outcome of music study it is merely a part of the learning and earning process. Learning the art of consistent and thoughtful practice, time management, and overcoming adversity are often more important during the early years of study because this establishes a pattern of behavior that will ultimately lead to successful artistic endeavors. I am open to a variety of approaches, both technically and musically as long as they are in the best interest of the student.

My greatest goal is to display the same characteristics and qualities present in my teachers. A desire to see students succeed, give honest and open instruction, provided constructive feedback, and to be approachable are the greatest qualities experienced.

Visit JPJQjazz.com

March 23, 2017

Hi everyone! Have quick visit to www.jpjqjazz.com to see what’s next! 

Also if you are looking for sythns check this out! 

Heading into Spring

March 3, 2017

It seems as though snow may not be in the forecast for the next little while leading me to believe spring weather is close. As I walked from the MAX station to work the other day I could smell the rain and the soil, which seemed to be clear indication that spring is on its way, right?

Spring is often a good time to clean up or start up something new. This year is no exception!

A couple years ago I composed for and performed with the trio Wonder Pond as part of my goal to spread vibraphone awareness. I’m bringing it back with a new series of compositions I’ve entitled Wonder Pond 2.0 with the hopes of collaborating with other visual and other artists.

For a quick teaser visit: https://timothyvancleave.com/wonder-pond-2-0/

See y’all soon!


PDX: Year 2

September 25, 2016

It’s been a little over a year since settling in Portland, Oregon. I’ve made some great connections with Ethos Music, Reverb Lessons, Between the Lines, Rugby, and JPJQ. I’ve had some awesome opportunities to teach and perform too! Travelling has also been pretty amazing with visits to Vancouver, Kamloops, Seattle, and the Bay Area of California. 

After years of enjoyjng YVR this summer presented opportunities to visit Grants Pass and Newport, OR. Last weekend Meghan and I hiked Saddle Moutain,  which rivals only the best hikes. The view from the top is beautiful. You can see 4 mountain peaks and a river. 

In year two I am looking forward to building new connections and getting the chance to visit new and old places along the west coast. 


I am happy to announce a new partnership with ReverbLessons.com and excellent service for connecting people interested in music. It’s 2016 and the technology exists to communicate and exchange information at blazing speeds all over the world! In an instant we could be chatting about music via Skype or setting up an individualized plan of study. The vehicle exists and all we need to do is jump in.

Check it out here!

Enjoy the summer!



March 28, 2016


Meghan was nice enough to take a couple pictures while I was practicing the other day. This one turned out nicely, so I though I would share it with you. Be on the lookout you could see more of this setting.

I’ve begun to check the D’Addario Education Collective. Check out my profile at here.

The quick update for those curious is that teaching is going very well and a planning shows with the JPJQ and Rugby. Check back for more soon.


Hi Everyone,

It’s almost the middle of November! Where has the time gone?

American Thanksgiving is coming up Fast!

If you are interested in learning more about percussion visit:



Update PDX: Ethos Music Inc.

September 16, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently joined Ethos Music Inc. as an onsite percussion instructor for two group classes and private lessons. I have an off-site appointment teaching percussion ensemble as well. If you are interested in percussion lessons and live near North Portland be sure to check-in with Ethos Music. I hope to see you there!