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April 28, 2012

Howdy y’all!
Just wanted to put up a quick post about a couple things. This weekend is pretty big! On Saturday night I’m going to a sweet concert featuring jal tarang in Burnaby at the Shadbolt Centre. In Sunday night I’m performing with Ethos, a new chamber ensemble based in Vancouver, at the Western Front.

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Long blog posts are tough to find the time to work in, but there will be more soon!


I am currently working with Fringe Percussion and SFU professor Arne Eigenfeldt on a very interesting project. This collaboration incorporates software compositions created in Max/Msp, an incredibly powerful program used by musicians that also have wicked computer chops to create music. Did I mention we will be accompanied by a robot!

Rehearsals for this project started in January and will continue until the concerts scheduled in May.

Stay tuned for more info!