I’ve recently decided that if I’m going to be a musician with a blog it is necessary to have a page for my own recordings. I hope you have as much fun listening to these tunes as I did making them.

I happened to come across this story in the Vancouver Sun. As I read the article I thought wow a person on a bicycle getting hit really sucks. It really does suck. I hope the cyclist was not injured too badly and makes a quick recovery.

About halfway down the page an eye witness to the accident said ” From what I saw the bike came off the sidewalk in front of the motorcycle”.

Riding your bike on the sidewalk is not cool especially if you plan to randomly transition to the street from time to time.

I wish all people safe travels no matter what the method of travel is chosen.


Zero-emission race vehicle collides with cyclist in Vancouver.

Dear MS Word:

November 10, 2010

If you could make it easier to understand how your program is supposed to work or at least make the user interface more intuitive for a person like me that would be great.

Until then….

I’ll break my document into sections using the Insert Menu – Break- Section Break (New Page) command for each section. Then I’ll do the same thing for the first page of each section that does not require a page number. I’ll make sure that the sections are not linked by clearing the Link to Previous check box in the formatting palette. (Although, that should really be a preference when creating a header as the formatting palette dialogue box doesn’t open automatically.) Next I’ll enter the correct number on the second page of each section. Last I’ll delete the garbage that was left in the upper left hand corner of the first page of each section that was left in there because the Link to Previous check box is turned on by default when a new section is created and a new header is being added.

Is there a way that would be more direct? Am I crazy?

A note to my colleagues. Formatting a dissertation will take less time if you for some reason feel like searching internet forums, chatting with computer savvy people, and just poking around for two days before you try to apply anything to a large document.



Session mix with the H4

November 8, 2010

Update: If you want to hear some of the session you need to become a member ofwww.vibesworkshop.com. It’s free to be a member. It’s a great website dedicated to playing the vibraphone. Even if you don’t play vibes it is a great place to find new music!


If you really don’t want to do that you can send me an email.


Heading to the session

November 7, 2010

This afternoon I have a session with a flautist and a guitarist. It is a pretty interesting combo, but perhaps a little unusual. The last time we had a session I forgot to take my digital recording device. However, I plan to record the session today. Check back later for links to the session.

Being a pedestrian in a new city has brought my dislike of cyclists using the sidewalk to a new level. After nearly being run over by a cyclist while walking on the sidewalk, I was asked what my problem was. I simply stated,”its a sidewalk not a side ride” and went on about my business. If you want to ride a bike it should be on the street. If you are on the sidewalk with your bike I request that you dismount and walk. If you feel unsafe riding your bike – especially on freaking Main Street in Vancouver – because traffic is nuts maybe an alternative route should be selected.

I’ve created a blog for interested persons. Topics will include, music, moving to a new town, and other issues that arise. Happy reading!