Wishing everyone a happy Canada long weekend and a happy 4th of July! There are several awesome things happening this week. On Sunday I’ll be joining John Howard and friends at Burgoo in North Vancouver for a couple sets at dinner time. On Thursday – Happy July 4th–prepare to be dazzled with the music of Tubes and Grooves at Falconetti’s East Side Grill. Later this week there are some sessions for an upcoming project. On July 7th Ethos is going on a road trip to the Island to hang with our pals at Open Space. For more info about the project at Open Space check the following link:

Ethos Collective at Open Space

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It’s a little bit crazy, but I’ve taken the leap of faith as a freelance musician. Since taking the leap I have had several wonderful opportunities presented to me. It’s crazy how the world works, but I’m not going to argue. Be on the look out, check back often, and keep your eyes peeled. There will be more news and some new ideas coming up soon. For now check out a few of the new events on the calendar page and give the listen page a try. There will be a special twitter shout out to the first person to tell their favourite tune on the listen page. And as always send some good vibes my way and I’ll be sure to send them back.