The Georgia Straight has a cool write up about Chamber-Con a co-presentation by Vancouver New Music and Redshift Music Society. For the detail click the link:





A note from Dr. George Wolfe: To all of you who are music lovers, my new compact disk, “Le Saxophone Extraordinaire” is now available at Starbucks on Tillotson Ave. in Muncie. Featured on the CD with me are James Helton, Holly Hanauer, Robert Palmer, Eric Edberg, Jim Rhinehart, Tim Van Cleave, and Amanda Fratangeli. The cover art is by Alfredo Marin-Carle. All proceeds from sales go to support the Friends Church Food Pantry. So stop by, enjoy the music, and at the same time, feed some hungry families in Muncie. You guys are the BEST!


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been very happy to have such awesome opportunities over the last couple of months. This summer I spent a couple of days in the recording studio with Clara – The Sidewalk Cellist – making drum tracks for her recordĀ Freedom From Want. Recently the recording as been released at www.sidewalkcellist.bandcamp.comĀ and is available for instant downloading. For more information and to find out which charity the proceeds of this record will be donated to visit

-Timothy Van Cleave