I’ve recently worked out a few thoughts regarding my views as a vibraphonist. The vibraphone can play several roles in a jazz ensemble. Listed below are several of my favorite books about jazz music and the vibraphone. Please have a look and enjoy.

The single biggest online community of vibraphonists can be found at www.vibesworkshop.com. It is a great resource for lessons, exercises, and some of the best videos and audio. It’s is to become a member and for a few bucks a month you can become a subscriber which unlocks a buffet of vibraphone knowledge that you could chew on for centuries. 

Jazz Resources 

Berliner, Paul F. 1994. Thinking In Jazz: The Infinite Art of Improvisation. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press. 

Coker, Jerry. 1990. How To Practice Jazz. New Albany, Indiana: Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc.

Coker, Jerry. 1964. Improvising Jazz. New York: Simon & Schuster, Inc. 

Coker, Jerry, Casale Jimmy, Campbell, Gary, Greene, Jerry.  Patterns For Jazz. Miami, Florida: Studio PR. 

Haerle, Dan. 1975. Scales For Jazz Improvisation. Hialeah, Florida: Studio 224. 

Progis, Jim. 1982. Jazz Chord Voicings for Right Hand. Danvers, Massachuttes: Shattinger International Music Corp. 

Weiskopf, Walt. 1995. Intervallic Improvisation The Modern Sound: A Step Beyond Linear Improvisation. New Albany, Indiana: Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc. 

Resources for Jazz Vibraphone 

Burton, Gary. 1995. Introduction to Jazz Vibes. Glenview, Illinois: Creative Music. 

Burton, Gary. 1995. Four Mallet Studies. Glenview, Illinois: Creative Music. 

Davis, Thomas L. 1999.Voicing and Comping for Jazz Vibraphone: Four Mallet Studies for the Modern Vibist. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Hal Leonard Corporation.

Metzger, Jon. 1996. The Art and Language of Jazz Vibes. McLean, Virginia: EPM Publications, Inc.

Sisto, Dick. 2005. The Jazz Vibraphone Book Etudes in the Style of the Masters. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Hal Leonard Corporation.