Recently I received an email from Rebel Bran. The message contained the following link:


Give it a look. If the weather in Vancouver is any seasonal indicator fall began about two days ago. This means that the summer vacation for the group is coming to an end. I look forward to again collaborating with Rebel Bran and the Funky Orkestar soon.

Keep an eye out for me at the Vancouver New Music festival. I’ll be performing Persephassa by Iannis Xenakis with Fringe Percussion and special guest Aiyun Huang on October 20, 2011. This percussion sextet is a priceless treasure of the repertoire for the modern percussion ensemble. ¬†From the opening roar of six drummers building in intensity from pianissimo to fortissimo possible, to the finer moments featuring the metal simantra, Persephassa takes you well beyond the normal concert experience. I’m excited for the project. You should be too!!