I spent this past week in Langley at the annual summer camp for the West Coast Amateur Musician Society. The camp is for ages 5 to 105 and is truly one of a kind!

The campers were just an enthusiastic, courageous, and wonderfully delightful bunch. I also had the chance to work with the youth attending the camp.

I coached the percussionists in the wind ensemble, orchestra, and created a performance entitled The Funky Street Parade with the Youth.

Everyone’s positive energy made for a wonderful time. I can’t remember the last time I was in a musical environment of this magnitude that was so uplifting. Even though we have our struggles and might not hit every note the love of and the passion for music keeps us going.

Best wishes to all my new friends!


July 16, 2012

I am really excited about next week! I’ve been invited to teach percussion at the West Coast Amateur Musicians Society’s annual summer camp. Check out the link: www.wcams.com

I look forward to meeting new friends and making great music!

Ethos Collective

July 7, 2012

I am a member of the Ethos Collective, a Vancouver-based ensemble, that performs new music and collective improvisations. Recently we performed at the Western Front and the Vancouver Art Gallery. It is a wonderful group that has more in store for Vancouver and beyond. You can stay tuned to ethosmusic.ca  for future event or to check out audio from our improvisation at the Western Front. Also there is a great picture of us to see as well.




Guru Pournima

July 2, 2012

This is a picture of my first performance of Indian Classical music. From left to right you will see my teacher Smt. Neeraja Aptikar, Tabla-ji Ajit Betageri, and me. Akhil Jobanputra was also accompanying on Harmonium.

I have been studying music with Neeraja for approximately one year. It has been an excellent experience from which I’ve learned so much.

My initial interest in Indian Classical Music began many years ago while studying the music of minimalist composers Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Philip Glass, and LaMonte Young. Through that experience I stumbled uponThe Raga Cyclefeaturing the music of Pandit Pran Nath, which I still often listen to for inspiration.

Often during my years studying music in university I would become very interested in Indian Classical Music, but my curriculum and responsibilities lead me toward other things. After finishing school things have changed.

Since arriving in Vancouver in the late summer two years ago my interest in Indian Classical Music began to deepen and I began to search for a teacher. I was blessed to connect with Neeraja through her website and YouTube videos.

From the very first moments of study I realized I was embarking on a beautiful and intense journey with a kind and knowledgeable guide. Day in and day out her ability to bring such feeling to music amazes me. Never holding back, she shares all of her knowledge in an open and generous manner. She is an excellent and experienced teacher that I will always admire, respect, and trust.

To all who attended and an extra special thanks to Neeraja, thank you for making this a wonderful experience!