At the end of the month of April I’m heading back to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island to perform as substitute principal timpanist with the Vancouver Island Symphony. The two works that will be performed are Tan Dun’s Water Concerto and Ralph Vaughn Williams A Sea Symphony.

I am really looking forward to this concert!

Black Swan: the movie

April 19, 2011

I just got home from watching Black Swan. Holy smokes was that some kind of movie!

Sunday at 8pm I’ll be performing Carmina Burana with the Amabilis Singers at Shaughnessy Heights United Church in Vancouver. This venue is absolutely stunning and is located about half a block west of Granville and 33rd Avenue. Tickets are $20 at the door, if I remember correctly.

The instrumentation for the evening’s performance is two pianos, percussion quintet, choir, and baritone, tenor, and soprano soloists. Rehearsals have gone quite splendidly and the performance should be an event.

Check it out on the web:

I just went to see Dr. Lonnie Smith. If you have yet to hear this man’s recordings, start today.

The ticket price for this concert was sort of up there. Life at the moment is charmed and I got in for what I thought was a good price. However, it brought to my attention that there are music lovers in this world who would enjoy the music no matter what the cost. I changed my mind when a few people left after the first set. My goodness it was Dr. Lonnie Smith!!

What motivates people to spend money on music as a form of entertainment? How much is too much? What factors tie into this phenomena? Before I get started on another dissertation it would be interesting to hear from some of you, the readers.


Recently I was asked how much to charge per hour for private individualized instruction in percussion instruments and music. I searched various resources in order to put a “price” on my services, which I thought to be appropriate.

How are we, musicians, supposed to respond when someone asks us our fee? In this case I think it takes a bit of convincing for others to realize that this service, skill, or performance is a life-long endeavor. Many musicians have spent years learning the art of music and it has come at a great cost. How then do we move forward and piece together a living?



New Audio Added

April 4, 2011

Please enjoy the new musical selections added to my recordings page.

The Thorn Trees is the third movement of Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra by Marta Ptaszynska. It makes interesting and unique use of the theme and variation form.

Araneae Envemomation by Ed Mellen was recorded live at a Student Composers Forum held in Sursa Hall at Ball State University.

Footprints by Miles Davis Recorded by the group The Third Greatest on May 22, 2010 at Doc’s Music Hall in Muncie, IN is an example of my abilities as performer on drum set in the jazz idiom. In this recording I tried to create a different texture for each soloist.

Thanks for stopping by my website and the recordings page.