Fall 2020

August 24, 2020


Hey Everyone,

Spring and Summer of 2020 have been an opportunity to learn more about this thing called life…it’s power, magic, flow, cycles, pandemics, recessions…

Through it all music continues to be shared, created, played, loved, and enjoyed!

Teaching online has been an amazing experience. It’s been a positive experience seeing students learn on this platform and how inspired they can become. Connection can come in many forms and this moment has given me valuable experience in video communications, videos & music that students enjoy, and being a better human.

If you are interested in working with me online please reach out in your preferred method if you have my contact information or if we have yet to be acquainted visit the Lessons page to send me a message.

After having a creative and experimental moment with a midi-controller and an old version of Reason, I released “the meaning of vingette” a short collection of music created during the early days of the COVID – 19 pandemic. Picking up a digital album is one of the best ways to support musicians!

It’s available at: https://drtimothyvancleave.bandcamp.com/releases

Looking forward to more life,