Updates for December!!!!

December 4, 2013


I am excited to be a part of several interesting projects during the month of December. I’m also excited to get a chance to travel to visit family for Christmas. Keep the following dates in mind if you are interested in getting out and seeing what a collaborative musicians does. Often during my school years people asked what I expected to do with a degree in music. Well here’s how December is going down:

December 6-7th at 8pm and December 8th at 2pm & 8pm – Ascension 2013 // Contemporary Music + Dance at SFU Woodward’s 

December 9th at 8pm – Tubes and Grooves at the Kino

December 11th at 8pm – Anita Eccelston’s Like Smoke at the Kozmik Zoo

December 13th Doors at 7:30 Show at 8pm – An Evening of Spoken Word, Cello, and Percussion at Our Town Cafe

December 14th between 8-ish?? – The Sidewalk Cellist and Plastic Acid at Falconetti’s Eastside Grill

December 15th Doors at 7:30 – The Sidewalk Cellist and Friends at The Backstage Lounge

There are also a couple of top secret projects that are in the planning and composition stages. Stay tuned!! I hope to see some of you soon! 

Tubes and Grooves

December 2, 2013

If you’ve seen the name on Facebook and Twitter AND you are curious what it means. Have a visit:


The Georgia Straight has a cool write up about Chamber-Con a co-presentation by Vancouver New Music and Redshift Music Society. For the detail click the link:






A note from Dr. George Wolfe: To all of you who are music lovers, my new compact disk, “Le Saxophone Extraordinaire” is now available at Starbucks on Tillotson Ave. in Muncie. Featured on the CD with me are James Helton, Holly Hanauer, Robert Palmer, Eric Edberg, Jim Rhinehart, Tim Van Cleave, and Amanda Fratangeli. The cover art is by Alfredo Marin-Carle. All proceeds from sales go to support the Friends Church Food Pantry. So stop by, enjoy the music, and at the same time, feed some hungry families in Muncie. You guys are the BEST!


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been very happy to have such awesome opportunities over the last couple of months. This summer I spent a couple of days in the recording studio with Clara – The Sidewalk Cellist – making drum tracks for her record Freedom From Want. Recently the recording as been released at www.sidewalkcellist.bandcamp.com and is available for instant downloading. For more information and to find out which charity the proceeds of this record will be donated to visit www.sidewalkcellist.com.

-Timothy Van Cleave



October 2013 is a month of exciting opportunities for musical collaborations. Several awesome projects this month include performing as the principal percussionist for the Vancouver New Music Festival Chamber Opera, Music on Main’s presentation of Steve Reich’s Drumming, Anita Eccelston’s Quartet at the Kozmik Zoo, and a special surprise performance with The Sidewalk Cellist.

Here is a taste of The Sidewalk Cellist’s upcoming album Freedom From Want!


If you aren’t hip to SoundCloud now is a great time to have a browse.

Stay tuned for more!


News for Fall 2013

September 7, 2013

Welcome friends, family, students, and colleagues. I am happy your surfed to my website! If you are a first time visitor please have a look at the Bio and Listen pages to find out more about me and to listen to some audio. I’ve added a new Photos page for your enjoyment as well. Also if you are in Vancouver or know you will be visiting soon visit my Calendar page for a list of performances.

Here are a few suggestions to make sure we can stay connected.

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  4. Come see a concert or other performance

Recently I have added a Lessons page so that people interested in percussion lessons can easily get in touch with me to ask questions or set up a lesson. I enjoy teaching percussion to people of all ages and abilities. If you are a band or orchestra teacher I am also available to teach clinics for percussion students in beginning, intermediate, and senior concert bands and orchestras. I also have a strong desire to put together a high school percussion ensemble or a drum-corps style drumline.

Some highlights for the Fall of 2013:

Recording Project with The Sidewalk Cellist

Anita Eccelston’s Like Smoke Series at the Kozmik Zoo

Vancouver New Music Festival Chamber Opera

Music on Main Presents Steve Reich’s Drumming

The Ethos Collective at Chamber Con by VNM/Redshift

Keep an eye out for new events! Hope to see you soon.


Welcome to my website. I know this site has been up for a little while, but let me tell you about some new things. You can see my Calendar page for new shows, concerts, and other awesome projects that I’m involved with. Also recently I’ve put up some pictures on the new Photos page.

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Currently, I’m working to raise funding for a couple of really awesome projects. Here is some info about the first project.

I would like to in its you all to be a part of an upcoming recording project with my pal Clara, the Sidewalk Cellist. Together we are combining forces to create an amazing record enjoyable for everyone. It’s a diverse project fusing ideas and influence from the many genres of music we both love. Of course you are going to love it too!

Clara’s compositions are emitting jazzy lines and sassy lyrics that are challenging me in new ways. In my creative process I am working to create certain blended time feels to give the music a little swunk. In the quest to cook up a few new grooves and concepts I started to have dreams of using a sweet sounding ride cymbal. Not just any cymbal, but one with a brilliant sound that blends well with the sound of the cello and voice.

Also I’ve allowed myself to indulge in creating a new type of musical environment that seeks to blends my musical endeavours with the creativity of others to create a new sound. Dreaming big requires a lot of support from everyone. I’m currently working to squeeze in time to dream and time to compose so this project gains some momentum. Hit me up if you want to chat about it.

You can help out too! A friend from my university days has helped create Patron21, which is a subscription based fundraising platform for musicians. Take a visit to my page to see what kind of rewards you can receive for helping me along my path.

Best wishes to all!

In August 2013

August 2, 2013

Check out the calendar page for upcoming events in August! I hope to see you out and about.