Teaching Philosophy

March 24, 2017

I’ve been working on my statement of teaching philosophy. You can read it here or as a PDF: Teaching Philosophy

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Being a music teacher is humbling and transformational work and has helped me to understand the importance of addressing a student’s social and emotional needs.  It further solidified my belief that music has a special role in society and that music education changes lives.

I am passionate about sharing music with students and helping to contribute to the newest generation of musicians. My variety of teaching experiences have led me to be a teacher that values balancing high standards with empathy and recognition of every student’s unique needs.

It is essential to first build a lasting trust with the student so that they will be willing to take risks, ask questions, and feel comfortable in the learning environment. Once trust is established, it is essential that the student take responsibility for their own learning. Students should arrive to class or lessons prepared to the best of their ability, be punctual, and arrive with the necessary instruments and equipment.

I believe in working with each student to find the best path for them and acknowledge that different students will require different educational approaches. I pride myself in holding my students to high standards while still being an empathic and informational teacher. I think it is important to know what a student’s goals and motivations are so that I can tailor my teaching to their needs.

While the act of performing is an eventual outcome of music study it is merely a part of the learning and earning process. Learning the art of consistent and thoughtful practice, time management, and overcoming adversity are often more important during the early years of study because this establishes a pattern of behavior that will ultimately lead to successful artistic endeavors. I am open to a variety of approaches, both technically and musically as long as they are in the best interest of the student.

My greatest goal is to display the same characteristics and qualities present in my teachers. A desire to see students succeed, give honest and open instruction, provided constructive feedback, and to be approachable are the greatest qualities experienced.

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