Celebrating my teachers

July 23, 2013

As some may know and many may learn Guru Purnima was July 22nd. It is a time of celebrating and respectfully thanking your gurus and teachers. I was introduced to Guru Purnima in 2013 by my friend and teacher Neeraja Aptikar ji. Recently I have the chance to accompany her at the 120th Celebration of Swami Vivekanada ji’s arrival in Vancouver, British Columbia very close to the auspicious day. It is a great honour to be a student of her teachings.

From the very first moments of study, I realized I was embarking on a beautiful and intense musical journey with a kind and knowledgable guide. Day in and day out her ability to bring such feeling to music amazes me. Never holding back, she shares all of her knowledge in an open and generous manner – an excellent and experienced teacher that I will always admire, respect, and trust.

Vivekanada July 20th 1

I would like to thank another one of my fabulous music teachers, Dr. Erwin C. Mueller. After over 50 years of teaching percussion at Ball State University he has made the decision to retire from teaching and pursue other awesome endeavors. Recently I traveled back to my hometown of Muncie, Indiana and dropped by his teaching studio to say hello. Each day of my life utilizes one of the many lessons he taught me during my  university years. A an amazing, energetic, and influential teacher and friend. His dedication to teaching percussion is equalled only by the most talented teachers around the world.


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