The start of the iPad Book project!!!

March 22, 2012

Apple released the iBooks Author software earlier this year, which inspired to create a book series for percussionists specifically designed to be used on the Apple iPad. After becoming familiar with the capabilities of the iBook Author software I decided that I needed to move into a testing phase, which meant getting a testing device. Last Friday was launch day for the new iPad and the beginning of the testing phase.

The first book of the series is tentatively planned to be an introduction to rudimental snare drumming. I chose this aspect of percussion because rudimental snare drumming is major building block for a percussionist. Basic technique such as how to set up the drum, stance, how to hold the sticks, and striking the drum will be the primary focus of the first segment. Subsequent segments will cover the 26 Standard American Drum Rudiments, reading music, counting rhythms, and musical etudes.

My goal is to create a book that presents fundamental musical knowledge in a personal way that could only before be accomplished in a face to face meeting with a teacher and inspire new musicians.

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